SCX NASCAR ‘Car of Tomorrow’

Our other NASCAR class. As opposed to the club class, racers use their own cars in this category, which is open only to models from the ‘Car of Tomorrow’ era of NASCAR. To accommodate some of the new classes into a busy calendar, this class is now run as a single one-off race each season.



10 minute endurance races with one point awarded per completed lap. SSDC software used with fuel simulation.


Car Spec:

Any SCX ‘Car of Tomorrow’ type NASCAR model
Motor: SCX RX42B
Guide: CH26 REV A guide with adaptor
Tyres: Route One Racing
No magnets allowed. Weight may be added


Previous Winners:

2019 – Steve
2018 – No race held
2017 – Lee
2016 – Lee
2015 – Lee
2014 – Anthony
2013 – George


2020 Race Schedule:

To be announced